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Advisory Based HR Support

ER Support

For clients that like the comfort of having a certified HR Consultant available to them to call on for help with any Employer HR related issues, we provide our ER Support Access Plan. This service allows those clients to contact our certified HR Consultants anytime during business hours for up to 30 hours a year. Our consultant can help advise and provide supporting documentation on any Employer level HR related issues.

EE Support

For clients that are looking to provide their Employees with an additional level of support and confidentiality, we can extend our service offering to their employees so they can speak with one of our certified HR Consultants with any work related issues or questions they may have. These issues can range from as simple as Benefit related questions to looking for assistance with moderating issues with management.

HR Outsourcing

For clients that are looking to simply get out of all the day to day aspects of managing HR or just a few aspects of HR; we offer our HR Outsourcing solutions.

These services include:

  • Talent Acquisition

  • EE Training & Development

  • Compensation Strategies

  • Performance Management

  • Policies & Procedures

  • HR & HRIS Administration

  • Payroll

  • Compliance

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