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With leading-edge thinking and decision support tools, we can help you create and implement strategic benefits solutions that are designed to meet the unique needs of your business.

Budget & Goal Setting

So often when we go out to visit with new prospects, they do not have a benefit plan budget established.
We usually advise them to establish a budget and make sure to:
"Not let your benefits dictate your budget, let your budget dictate you benefits."
We utilize years of experience as well as analytical and modeling tools to help our clients identify objectives, set goals, establish and create a plan. Some of the tools and techniques we use to help them do this include:
  • Providing a benefit gap analysis

  • Conducting plan reviews

  • Preparing custom Benefit Benchmark Reports

  • Assisting with establishing a benefits budget

  • Designing Employer/Employee contribution strategies

  • Conducting employee benefit surveys

Product & Service Evaluation

Once we have set a plan and identified the products and services that are needed to meet our clients needs and fit within their budget we utilize quoting engines, carrier relationships, technology and third parties to ensure you will have a comprehensive analysis of the market, plans, vendors and providers.

  • Medical & Rx. claims analytic tools (self-funded plans)

  • Survey the market for appropriate plans and carriers

  • Product and service evaluations

  • Present plan alternatives that meet clients benefit & budgetary needs

Product Selection &


Only after we have conducted a full analysis of the market and negotiate finale plan design and cost, we then present our market research in an easy to understand format.

Our goal is to help our clients make informed and thought out decisions that are aligned with their long term strategy.

  • Timeline development

  • Renewal management and negotiations

  • Enrollment & Eligibility

  • Custom Client Compliance Calendar

  • Disease Management (self-funded plans)

  • Open Enrollment & Employee Communication Planning

  • Health Plan Provider Analytics - Displacement Analysis

  • Product and service selections

  • Healthcare reform modeling tools

  • Wellness:

    • Incentive Strategies

    • Negotiate financing with carriers and vendors

  • Benefit Administration

  • Define eligibility

  • Third Party Administration (TPA)

  • Prepare master applications/supporting documents/EE applications

  • In-House underwriting support

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